Painting Old Nasty Ornaments

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Hey guys! today I am going to be painting some old, crusty ornaments that I bought from a used lot on Ebay. I wanted to make some DIY ornaments, or find some way to create custom ornaments. There aren't too many options for paintable ornaments, so instead of looking for something pre-made, I decided to buy a bunch of used ornaments, fix them up and paint on those. I think this is a really fun idea if you are looking for christmas art projects or creative holiday activities to do. I'm sure you could also find a bunch of great options at thrift stores if you didn't want to buy a whole lot.
I had so much fun with this. It was really cool getting to put my own style on these ornaments. I would love to do more, how can I spin this to make it less Christmas specific? 😂 Painting on trinkets? Painting on keychains? idk LOL

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  • Welcome to Kitty's News! You will find me on some odd videos! Thing you don't think about a lot of the day: Door hinge Party animals the game was supposed to come out on steam in december, hmmm. Thats it for today! If you are reading this, please relpy to this with bruh

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