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Hey guys! Today is another one of my art or craft kit "reviews." I used to do a very strict review style format where it's all about the kit and using only the supplies included. but now, it's morphed into me starting with a kit and figuring out what I want to make with it along the way. Even if it means adding or hanging elements of the kit. I've really enjoyed experiencing art kits this way because it allows me to customize the kit to fit what I want and get the best final result possible.
Today I am working with the fizzy paint art kit by Faber Castell (link to kit below). This kit allows you to make your own watercolor and then gives you ideas for how to create interesting effects using the different tools provided. it's a pretty simple concept and the final results are pretty easy and basic. BUT, I think this would be great for beginners trying watercolor for the first times, OR if you want to use these to create simple backgrounds for your art (like I did). It's also just a fun, relaxing activity you can use for art therapy or as a creative activity to do when you're bored at home.
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