Ranking EVERY Squishy Makeover of 2020

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Hey guys! It's that time of year! Time for me to rank, (from least favorite to most favorite) all the squishy makeovers and miscellaneous squishy painting and decorating squishy projects from all of 2020. This has been quite a year. I am really happy with all of my art and craft projects I've made this year. I won't be posting next week, but I will be back in the new year for a whole new batch of fresh content!!

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  • Actually, Moriah Elizabeth, when you said you didn't miss an upload in 2020. You missed the first Friday in 2020. Remember, you said in your 2019 Squishy Ranking video that you will take a break on the first Friday of 2020. So you did miss an upload for 2019!!! Like and Reply if you Agree!!!

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  • It's so sad that the number of squishies Moriah paints on decreases every year. 2018, 57 squishies. Impressive. But she did 41 in 2019 and she only did 26 in 2020! Don't get me wrong, I love that she's branching out and I am a loyal subscriber through and through. But I really hope she does more squishy makeovers because her makeovers are so awesome and just classic. You never get sick of watching Moriah paint squishies. Petition? P. S. Not asking for likes. I just really want her to at least have 30 squishies for 2021.

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