Testing Art Trends I've Missed #3

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Hey guys! So I have dedicated this series to testing out the art trends that I've noticed around social media in the past year, but have never actually taken the time to try out.
Last time I did this, I did acrylic pour, I've also tried hydro dipping, with mixed results haha. This time I am doing pancake art, which was super popular a while back, not just for artists but for pretty much everyone on youtube lol. I'm not the best at combining art with food in the past, BUT I am willing to give this a try. Hopefully we can have some fun making cute pancake art.
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  • When was the last time she did a squishy makeover? Because i love this

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  • You should make some look like some of you squishes

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  • Me: Thinks***I have that shirt Omg me and moriah have the same shirt

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  • Me: thinking she meant "missed" by she had done it before and she missed them. Me 2 months later: ohhhh.. she meant "missed" by when they were trending she didn't do them..

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    • So- doesn't mean she is 👁️👄👁️ she has a husband-?

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  • Moriah: testing art trends me:no it's art trend

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  • Tip use pancake mix and coconut oil insted of buter I can not spell

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  • Moriah: It's time for you to die! (literally talking to pancake batter) Me (wondering): Does she mean 'die' or 'dye' or both? ...Still confused😂😂

  • Her shirt looks like the lesbian flag but in a different order

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  • *Moriah talking about raycon hours 6 or something* Me with headphones that last 40 hours: I am 4 parallel universes ahead of you

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  • that sound when she sprayed the green batter on the ceiling tho

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  • Moriah: eats Georgie in front of Georgie Georgie: watches in horror Me:lol😂🤣😂🤣😂

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  • "Making food with food" Because yes

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  • Or JBL

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  • you should customize the raycon case

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  • Moriah! You are being too hard on yourself! Georgie looked amazing! And your landscape was not dumb! That’s better than anything I could ever dream of doing! Just keep doing what your doing! ❤️

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  • This is pancake roasting lol

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  • I forgot how to post a video ummm plzz help oh and moriah what app do u use for editing??

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  • Paint your windows

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  • "Who will invade the earth in the year 3021?" Her: CHUNKS!!!

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  • I love food you can art

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  • Drawing and customizing glass

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  • Custumizing raycon buds

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  • I'm confused about the baking soda while I'm not a professional I do make a lot of cookies every year and if you double or triple a recipe you multiply all ingredients even baking soda 🤔

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  • Goeorgey is so cute!! In pancake form

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  • in all acctuality she is angery that she didn't think of these her self so she waits for them to die to revive them

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  • Me wondering if she could just buy pancake mix 🤔😐But you know she can do it that way to oh and I think Georgie came out very cute 🥰

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  • Everytime I watch her vids I feel like watching more so I watch vids from scrolling the channel to be honest I have watched one video ,twice and thrice ,and the fact is I am not bored at all 😎That's Moriah ❤️

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  • just a quick question, what is that ice-cream bear ontop of a watermelon loveheart? i love ur vids

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  • POV: You’re scrolling through the comments and half of them are to remind Moriah to paint the squishies she saved for Easter

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    • You copied

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  • She should get a very large pop and then paint on it Copy and paste to make it maybe happen!!!

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  • like when i saw this i thought like yo wth how did she miss the pancake art trend butt when i tell it to my family they are like whats the problem which got me roasted

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  • `I’m a fan of making food with food’

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  • I did the pancake art trend before it was a trend

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  • Oh god PLEASE PUT YOUR HAIR UP WHEN COOKING! I cringe so hard it's honestly all I can think about whenever I see someone cooking with their hair down Paris Hilton does this, Tana what's her face does this, Mariah does this, for the love of God put your damn hair up and STOP TOUCHING IT WHILE COOKING. I have long hair down to my mid back and I'm always smoothing and playing with it when it's down so I understand that's unconscious but it's even grosser when you insist on cooking with your hair down and then touch your hair and touch everything else in sight. Just gross. Food could get in your hair, hair can get in your food just please. People put your hair in a quick bun it takes 10 seconds tops. At least wear a hoodie and put the hood up and tuck your hair into the hood

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  • Fyi- your heat should be off while doing the outline. Also you should have 2 different batters, one thicker for the outline, one thinner for "flooding". Just like icing cookies. Ann Reardon(how to cook that) did a colab with Jazza on how to do pancake art. If anyone is actually serious about learning how to do this, I'd check out that video.

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  • I miss trends and then do them months later *I'm totally normal*

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  • Moriah=מוריה

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  • i am not hating but 7 teaspoons how can you eat that pancake because when i made pancake i added 1/2 more baking pancake it killed me nearly

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  • POV: You’re scrolling through the comments and half of them are to remind Moriah to paint the squishies she saved for Easter

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